Do you offer advice on both Corporate & Personal Accounts and Tax issues?

Yes, we serve business owners and their families. Your business and personal goals should never be analyzed isolatedly. Actually, there is a lot of room where you can arrange the affairs between you and your business (perhaps more than you are aware of). A holistic approach needs to be taken to make sure you are well served.

What is cloud accounting? What are the benefits of cloud accounting?

With cloud accounting, you will have access to your book managed by your accountant at any time, from anywhere. Useful information can be summarized on the dashboards or reports that you can always check from your computer or smartphone to make better and faster decisions. A smooth collaboration is created between the client and the accountant, and the accounting work is no longer painful. The client experience will be much improved compared with the traditional model. Cloud accounting is no secret at all, and you are more than welcome to contact us and discover more about it.

What do you mean by tax advisory, and what is it?

Tax advisory is beyond telling what can and cannot be written off. We will be looking at the options of arrangements between you and your corporation(s), i.e., what we can do to create annual or one-time tax savings by taking that option, and by doing that, what your accounting and legal fees would look like. If there are huge savings, we will let you know, discuss with you and your other advisors (lawyers and financial advisors), execute the plan, and achieve that financial benefit. You may find such benefits astonishing. They just need to be found by a pair of sharp, professional eyes. For additional resources on this topic, check out this article on our blog.

How would we work together?

Understanding your facts and your goals is our top priority. We will have an in-depth conversion (discover meeting) about this, and we construct the solutions that make sense for you. Upon your acceptance, we will execute the plan, solve any problems, achieve your goals, review the outcomes with you, and then do that again for your next goal.

How would your services cost me?

We do not take the approach where professional services are provided as commodities on the shelf. Each client has their own stories. We would love to listen to yours, get on the same page with you, and understand what outcome you require. After that, we will provide you with our tailored proposals accordingly.

What would be the setup costs?
Do I have support/training from you by using cloud accounting?
How much of your time can I have access to for advice?
How often do we meet and discuss?

These questions are commonly asked. Because no two clients are the same, the answers vary for different clients. We would love to have a chat with you, listen to you and prepare proposals just for your unique needs.

How do I choose the most suitable service package in the proposals?

Usually, we craft three service options in a proposal to create flexibility for your choice. If you have any questions, or you feel something isn’t addressed, we are always ready for another call to discuss.

What is the cost of discovery meetings and proposals for me?

Nil. Tax and accounting solutions are delicate, and they are based on a thorough understanding of the facts. We would love to understand your situation thoroughly, so we will not let fees be a barrier to this. Also, we would appreciate your interest and love to interact with you going from there.

I have some tax/accounting questions, but I am not yet your client. Can we have a chat? Will that cost me anything?

Sure. Send your questions to us, and let’s see what the solutions are. Some affordable consultation fees may apply. However, we would waive the fees if your questions lead to a defined project for us because the consultation may as well become a discovery meeting, for which we don’t charge. Contact us to find out more.

What if I am already working with an accountant? How can you help with my transition over to Anchor Up CPA Corp.?

We have the cutting-edge technologies to transfer books from one system to ours, as well as from one accountant to us. Professional courtesy exists between accountants who are trained to be open-minded. These ensure technical communications happen between accountants smoothly.
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